What you need to know

Fire, windstorm, or burglary can happen anywhere to anyone. If your property is worth stealing, it's worth insuring.

Though caution has been taken to provide you with a safe and secure storage space, the self-storage facility is usually not responsible for any damages that may occur.

Dont' Worry

Now, for just pennies a day, you can protect your stored property with Customer Storage Insurace from Deans & Homer.

Some insurance protection may be provided under your homeowners or business policy, but it may not be enough. We offer low-cost, short-term policies specially designed for self-storage customer.

Whats Covered?

Most household goods, personal property, business and commercial itmes that you may store within a rented storage space.

What's Not Covered

Motor vehicles, boats, and recreational vehicles stored in open lots or open storage that is not fully enclosed will not be covered for wind, hail, theft, vandalism, or malicious mischief. *

Items that are not covered by Customer Storage Insurance include: jewelry, precious stones, wathces, furs, fur-trimmed garments, money, and securities

What Kind of Losses Are Covered?

Water Damage (damage caused by flood is not covered)
Smoke Damage
Building Collapse
Earthquake (loss by earthquake is subject to a $1,000 deductible)
Transit to or from your rented storage space
Moth, insect, rodent, or vermin damage up to $500

* By law, this policy does not cover registered vehicles in the state of Texas.


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