High Security Vaults

The Heavy Duty Stuff!

Rent one today for only $49.00!

We have invested in the "best-of-the-best"! These safes are isolated in a separate room off the main entrance, adjacent to our lobby, and protected by biometric measures.

The iFace 302 is a high tech security device that uses your face or fingerprint as ID! It is also capable of recognizing the same face with 15 different facial expressions. This iFace 302 biometric reader will know that it is you who is entering the safe area while keeping unwanted individuals out!

First Alert Gun Safes

Strong - Durable - Reliable

Rent one today for only $49.00!

First Alert Gun Safes - these fire- and theft-resistant safe keeps firearms and other valuables securely locked up within its carpeted confines.

With its durable construction and roomy design, these safes offer plenty of storage space while preventing unauthorized users from accessing your precious items inside. Live bolts, a recessed door, and a theft- and fire-resistant design makes this unit ideal for protecting your valuables.

Forget about those bank safety boxes...rent one of our safes and enjoy the convenience of easy access to your valuables and the piece of mind that it will remain secure and protected.


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